The Big Picture


–In collaboration with Eickholt Lab and the Department of Biochemistry at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

The Big Picture is an ongoing visual journey into the complexity of brain science, its study methods, their transfer into practice of observation. The project is carried out through the collaboration of the molecular neuroscientists Britta Eickholt, the neuroanatomist Imre Vida and electrophysiologist David Owald and thanks to the supervision of Phd Marta Ornaghi. The project moves between two narratives: a photographic documentation of the experimental brain research processes carried out in the labs on the one side. On the other, a further reading of the neuroscientific processes, changing the scale of observation, moving across macro, micro and nano, into an impressionistic approach focused on the production of a series of large scale visual outputs via high resolution microscopy and the limits of digital upscaling.