Il suo buio speciale


Excerpts from Il suo buio speciale — a project and a book, born during the residency at Villa Filanda Antonini.

Together with journalist Pietro Minto, I worked on an exploration through the folds of contemporary Veneto. A map of an antropogeographic landscape through images, faces, and words of thirteen illustrious Venetians who have distinguished themselves in the arts and sciences. Through thirteen landscape photographs and thirteen individual portraits produced via digital tools and analog techniques, and even more importantly thirteen conversations, we investigated the identity of the Northeastern territory and tried to tell the story of a region that has undergone a profound cultural and social transformation over the last fifty years.


This is a choral project and we cannot help but thank all those who, with passion, contributed to its realization and shared their knowledge.


Photographs: Mattia Balsamini / Interviews: Pietro Minto / Texts: Giulio Feltrin, Francesco Bergamo / Copy Editor: Irene Samassa / Translations: Bennett Bazalgette-Staples / Editorial Coordination: Giulia Mela / Graphic Design: Federico Barbon / Exhibition Design: Matete Martini / Exhibition Movie: Leonardo Stefenelli / Sound Design: Gabriele Biscontin / Publisher: Villa Filanda Antonini.

Among the many others mentioned in the book, I am particularly indebted to: Francesca Martini, Maurizio Polese, Marco Citron and Francesco Zoccarato. Thank you.